admin November 1, 2016

In November 2016 Anastasia Schipanova presented her first personal exhibition in one of France’s most renowned Boccara gallery located in Moscow, which was a defining moment of the emerging artist’s life. Thirty oil paintings were displayed, all abstract and in the special author’s techniques, i.e. with the emphasis on color solutions and three-dimensional effect. The artist’s fondness of human psychology is obvious in these paintings, as well as her inspiration by the idea that our world of matter and emotion is interconnected with the world of cosmic energy beyond our comprehension. Her works are “energetic portraits” that allow the viewers to explore their own feelings through color and form, and study the author’s emotional imprints. These paintings tell of existential search and emotional freedom, and encourage philosophical thought and self-knowledge.

Collectors, art critics and art amateur, as well as friends of the artist herself, joined the exhibition to congratulate Anastasia with her art debut.