admin December 5, 2016

The young artist took part in the Art Marathon that was held in December in the Izo gallery of the Romanoff Dvor, where the cream of artistic and business society had gathered for years. All those years, the Izo Art Gallery and “Art Marathon” have served one purpose — to gather in one place most talented artists of various genres and conventions. The unique nature of the space provided by the business center allows this group exhibition to address both mainstream and elitist audiences.

Anastasia Schipanova brought a number of paintings that had been selected for the exhibition to meet the judgement and match the tastes of the center’s visitors and entrepreneurs. All works are done in pastel shades and serve to restore the viewers’ inner harmony and remind them of the value of positive energy. The artist’s purpose is to convey their thoughts and emotions, and paintings by Anastasia serve this purpose well. Her works proved to be able to communicate her emotional state, energetic impulses and colour solutions, which are the three pillars of perception of art.